Bonus: Fighting for freedom & PR 101 with Tracy Lamourie

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The Neon Woman Questions

I believe being a woman encompasses many things, particularly love, fashion, mindset, travel & lifestyle. I believe love is Wild, fashion is Original, your mindset should be Magnificent (most of the time), travel is Adventurous, and a healthy lifestyle is Necessary. Each of these make up the WOMAN in Neon Woman, and the woman in you!

It’s unpredictable, you can’t pick it, how it happens. If you want to maintain it you have to have some kind of strategy to make it grow in your yard.

I’m known for primarily red and black, obsessively so.

Keep succeeding! Keep on doing. Keep on believing. Grab on to opportunities.

When I was 21, I was in Prague when it still had the Soviet soldiers. And more recently, I was able to go on a business trip to Malta. And Medina was really neat to experience, too.

I’ve been ignoring all the necessary stuff so now it’s necessary to have more focus on that.

Every day I’m meeting women from all over the world doing epic things. All my clients and the things they’re doing.

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