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The Neon Woman Questions

I believe being a woman encompasses many things, particularly love, fashion, mindset, travel & lifestyle. I believe love is Wild, fashion is Original, your mindset should be Magnificent (most of the time), travel is Adventurous, and a healthy lifestyle is Necessary. Each of these make up the WOMAN in Neon Woman, and the woman in you!

when you love something or somebody…that feeling that you experience, that sort of uncontrollable emotion that comes over you, I think that’s such a wild experience, and especially in terms of what you can do when you love something so much, I really think it’s so powerful and how you can get so entwined within it. That’s definitely wild.

For me fashion is definitely practical. When I say practical, its not boring, it just means I like to be comfortable especially in my day to day, but I also like to look nice and be presentable.

I think always being or remaining inspired is really important. A big part of inspiration for mis research, education, and always learning. As well as associating with people who inspire me, who lift my spirit, and cheer me on.

having access to fresh air and space around me to think. A walk along the beach.

my mum is my number 1 inspiration.

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