Bonus: 2021 Tarot Reading with Holly Ramey

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View the tarot cards Holly pulled during our chat

These are the Tarot Cards that Holly pulled during our chat!


  • Emperor Card: Patriarchal structures, lots of control / lack of control, forced control, manipulation, protest violence. No structure or organisation this year.
  • Judgement: Heart chakra. Rebirth, rising above negative energy. Strong theme of forgiveness. Polarity of right / wrong. Rising above wright / wrong. Compassion despite disagreements.


  • Judgement: Not as strong in 2021 as its not a double “20”.
  • The World: Soul lesson is learned. 2021 will be about one very long ending of many themes. Societal & personal. Whatever 2020 brought up, 2021 will be about ending that. Also equals rest, reflection & release.
  • The Hierophant: Structure. Viewpoints on traditional structure, religion, philosophy, and higher learning. What we put on a pedestal starts to shift. Holds the key to what you’re seeking.

2021 Individual Listener Cards

  • 2021 Theme – The World: We’re all in this collective ending together. Take your time, don’t rush forward. Let lessons integrate first.
  • What we’re releasing in 2021 – 5 of Cups: Grief and disappointment. Gratitude for what we have rather than focusing on what we don’t.
  • What we’re going to be cultivating / nourishing in 2021 – 9 of Pentacles: Abundance. Beautiful harvest. Independence. More resources. Good health in money & body; whatever we’re harvesting in our garden.

My 2021 – 1 Card for my 30th Year

  • Ace of Cups: Self-love. Gift of spirit. New beginnings & blessings. Beginning of the emotional journey. Self-care. Nourishing myself on an emotional level.

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The Neon Woman Bonus Question

I believe being a woman encompasses many things, particularly love, fashion, mindset, travel & lifestyle. I believe love is Wild, fashion is Original, your mindset should be Magnificent (most of the time), travel is Adventurous, and a healthy lifestyle is Necessary. Each of these make up the WOMAN in Neon Woman, and the woman in you!

To not filter our voice. Share our true authentic expression and self without fear, guilt, or shame.

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