bonus: tarot reading with emily mcgill

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view the tarot cards emily pulled during our chat

These are the Tarot Cards that emily pulled during our chat!


  • son of cups: Water, feelings, emotions. Human/Soul evolutionary journey. Leap before you look. how we emotionally move through the world. wearing your heart on your sleeve. 



  • father of wands: passion, drive, creativity, what lights us up. we need to keep tending those fires and finding new ones. we can’t get stuck in one thing.



  • the hermit: the opportunity for us to go within. the light is within our selves. your power stands in your ability to explore your own internal depths and figure out what lights you up. gather the things that are yours that light you up.

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the neon woman bonus question

i believe being a woman encompasses many things, particularly love, fashion, mindset, travel & lifestyle. i believe love is wild, fashion is original, your mindset should be magnificent (most of the time), travel is adventurous, and a healthy lifestyle is necessary. each of these make up the woman in neon woman, and the woman in you!​

Standing in your full self, with all the lights on.

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