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The Neon Woman Questions

I believe being a woman encompasses many things, particularly love, fashion, mindset, travel & lifestyle. I believe love is Wild, fashion is Original, your mindset should be Magnificent (most of the time), travel is Adventurous, and a healthy lifestyle is Necessary. Each of these make up the WOMAN in Neon Woman, and the woman in you!

to me, love is actually a foundation, not so much wild…that’s a foundation of trust and security which allows me to leap out into dangerous situations and to take risks because I know I have this solid base of support behind me.

my eye and my heart want bright primary colours. it turns out the softer muted colours suit better for my skin tone. I dress appropriately for the occasion.

I have friends, people I talk to who remind me to be magnificent. and when I am doubting myself, I have people I reach out to. I have a circle of support.

china, less than a year after Tiananmen Square

healthy food to eat, time to myself in the morning so I can read, my books, and people who love me around me.

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