channelled Tuesday

i wanted to start sharing my creative writing with the neon community, in a new weekly feature called channelled tuesday.

these pieces will be poems, thoughts, or sometimes just a sentence that i’ve felt called to write.

07 september 2021 “neon”

*interestingly, some of these words correlate with the theme song lyrics, but i wrote this before i’d seen or heard the lyrics imogen clark had written.

life is unfolding, my tired eyes are widening to the possibilities that lay ahead. my
life is brightening, saturated with beauty and opportunity. i am wild, yet
structured, i am fierce, yet soft. i am two sides of a beautiful coin,
weathered from rain and wind, but still shining through the dust. i am
beautiful. i am bold. i am bright. i am neon.

14 september 2021: “metamorphosis”

*this is a piece i wrote a few weeks ago.

i am being called to a higher purpose. i feel the tide coming in, the waves are roaring, the salt spray is tickling my face, but yet…no waves come. the last 6 months have been transformational, yet i don’t feel any different. i think i am transforming in my sleep, when i do sleep, my dreams are deep and unmemorable, yet i am aware i have been places. sleep used to be my most beautiful gift. i could sleep in seconds of my head hitting the pillow, and stay asleep for 9 hours. now, i wake most nights just after 2am, my mind awake, thinking, planning, whirring. i get all my best ideas at night, or very early morning, when the world is still and i can think and see clearly. i feel like a butterfly, who’s cocoon is almost ready to crack open and reveal the beautiful transformation that it’s been working on. soon, i will spread my beautiful wings and set off on a new journey…except i do not know where this journey will take me. i have wonderful ideas in my mind of where i’d like to go, and be. so, i hope and i pray to the universe that my guides have heard me and that i will get to experience what i have been manifesting. this is metamorphosis. and i am ready for transformation. 

21 september 2021 “breathe”

*just a short piece today, but it holds a lot of power.

breathe, breathe, breathe…release.

let it go.

let your soul be free.

28 september 2021 “grief”

*relevant to this week’s solo episode.

hopelessness washes over me like a wave in the ocean.

my heart beats faster with motivation.

i am succumbing to the sadness, though it has no path

and all i can wonder is how long this will last?

05 october 2021 “heaven on earth”

*this is an excerpt from a journaling exercise i did for the women’s retreat i’m part of this month.

in my version of heaven on earth, my soul is pure and true. my life is filled with abundance, pleasure and love, my heart is always full, my cup never empty. the mornings are still, quiet, unassuming. the days are sun-kissed and radiant. the nights are cool and scattered with stars. i am love. i have love, i give love. i am content because my life is of my creation, as god created the world. i take long walks and whisper to the trees as the breeze ripples through their leaves. animals are drawn to me and my radiant, shadowless soul. my feet are firmly grounded in mother earth, yet my heart floats magnificently in the clouds. heaven on earth for the planet is pure and peaceful. humans live as one with all living creatures, only taking what is needed, never any more. we exist as beautiful, still beings who only bring love, light, and harmony to the planet. rivers run pure, forests are undisturbed, humans and nature co-exist as they once did many moons ago.

12 cctober 2021 “temple”

*the first week of the october women’s retreat i’m part of, is focused on the theme of forgiveness. i made a commitment to forgive myself, for all the ways i haven’t shown up for myself, or not treated myself with the love and respect i deserve. today’s channelled piece is entitled “temple”, about the beauty, strength & resilience my body has.

my body is the temple that i call my home
my soul wanders the earth wherever my feet roam
my curves & my smile hold & caress my light
my hair flows wild, untamed, like the ocean at night
my breath chills the air with the power it holds
and my voice sings its song which turns mountains to gold

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