Hi, it’s been a minute. Let’s catch up. Allow Me to Re-(Introduce) Myself

Hey there! I took some time off; 2 months to be exact, to refocus and create some amazing new content for Neon Woman. I want to make this a beautiful, wonderful space for women to come and be inspired, empowered, educated, and to also laugh, too. I have spent the last 2 months curating the content I want as part of this brand, podcast & blog, and also interviewing amazing podcast guests for season 2. “Feel it All” is my new catchphrase, and it has kind of become the motto for Neon Woman, too.

I wanted to update everyone on the new things that you may have already seen in the Neon Woman space. If you’d prefer to listen to this update, I have attached the corresponding solo episode I recorded where I outlined all this exciting news at the top of this blog post. I also answered my own Neon Questions which was fun…!

Solo Episodes

I am now releasing weekly solo podcast episodes, every Tuesday. In these solo episodes, I will share:

  • Neon Update (Life check-in)
  • Not-So-Neon Update (Non-Highlight Reel Check-In)
  • Neon Moments of My Week x3
  • Neon Club (What I’m Reading, Watching & Listening To)
  • Neon Topic of the Week
  • Neon Inspirational Person of the Week
  • Neon Quote of the Week

I am so excited to delve in to solo episodes! I released my first one yesterday, which you can listen to here on your platform of choice.

Season 2 Guests

The podcast is back in full force, with a whole host of Season 2 guests. Neon Conversations will be released every Friday. I have interviewed musicians, authors, spiritual healers, make-up artists, entrepreneurs and more for this season. Here is a trailer of the upcoming guests, in case you haven’t see it yet.

Neon Woman Theme Song

Neon Woman now has its own official theme song, written, sung, and produced by Imogen Clark! Imogen was my first ever podcast guest, and I am honoured that she has written such a beautiful theme song for this platform. You’ll hear this song at the beginning of every podcast episode moving forward, and for any promotional material I create.

Neon Woman Sketches

I also asked Claire Michelle (better known as plantifulsoul) to draw some original sketches for Neon Woman, which you will see all over the website and any Instagram posts. I am obsessed with these beautiful, raw sketches that I think fully capture what it means to be a Neon Woman.

Neon Woman: The Playlist

Yes, we now have our own official playlist. Every guest that appears on the podcast chooses a song that they play to brighten their Neon Colours, and I add it to the playlist. I chose “We Can Do Hard Things” by Tish Melton. You can listen to the playlist exclusively on Spotify. New songs will be added every Friday with each new Neon Conversation.

The Neon Club

Part of the solo episodes is the Neon Club segment, where I share what I’m reading, watching and listening to each week. These recommendations will now become weekly blog posts, and if you want to follow along or join in with my recommendations, make sure you’re subscribed to Neon Woman (you can subscribe at the footer of every page of the website).

Instagram Content

If you’re not following us on Instagram yet, you should be. There are now motivational, inspiring, funny, and filter-free posts every few days, plus podcast episode reminders and more!

  • Monday Motivation: kick-off the week inspired
  • Channelled Tuesday: I share my channelled writings
  • Wine Wednesday: wine not?
  • No-Filter Friday: I share unfiltered photos of myself to spread neon body positivity

We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

I think that’s it for my update – the website has had a beautiful makeover which I’m really proud of, and I’m mainly just so excited for what’s coming up. Please share the website, socials and anything else from Neon Woman with all your friends and family. Spread the neon light, and feel it all; always.

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